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  • 1 December 2022
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Hey champs, 

Any one have any experience of priority between Network Gateways? There should be a setting priority=1 in FwConfig.txt

Would that work well to set in VSA servers in a VMware cluster to spans over 2 datacenters to prioritize the traffic to the closest Network Gateway where all backup infrastructure is behind those proxies?





Best answer by Alireza B 5 December 2022, 06:44

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4 replies

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We don’t have any ETA but I know our Engineering team is testing this internally.

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Ok, thanks for your answer, is there any known release date?



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OK just got confirmation that this feature is not yet available! It’s coming in future but for now system will just try the routes and will pick the gateway that is available in the list.

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Hi Daniel,

Let me get some details around this priority feature for you.

In regards to VSA, please note the VSA agents works independently from Network module so you just need to make sure you have the correct firewall rules between VSA proxies and media agent etc.

I’ll get back to you for the priority feature.