Office 365 Mailboxes Backup and issue with adding additional ones with similar Name.

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi all,


I am facing an issue with Microsoft 365 Exchange Mailboxes backup. I am successfully backing up most of them, but I’ve recently detected that a few of them are still not included in the scope. First idea was that I just skipped them accidently, but after another attempt to “Add Mailbox” > Put a tick next to a target > Save - that did nothing, regardless the popup message confirmed that “Successfully Updated the selected User Mailbox”. We have a few similar cases and the only common thing I could notice between all these mailboxes that all of them had another mailboxes with the same name already being backed up. For example a user owns two mailboxes - and, both of them have Names “User Name”. I would like to have them both backed up, but here I face that issue, that I am able to Add only one of them, while another stays unselected. 

I hope I was able to put everything down clear enough and you’ll be able to give me a hint how to workaround this one. Thanks in advance.


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7 replies

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Just wanted to clarify, you have 2 mailboxes with 2 different SMTP addresses for 2 different users.  If that is the case make sure you are selecting a plan for the users you are selecting. 



If you are using the Java GUI make sure you are associating a Policy to the users you are selecting. 


then click the Policies tab and make sure there is at least an archive policy available. 



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Hi @Chris ,


no, that is not the case. Let me explain it this way.

I have three mailboxes in my Office 365 environment that have been synced to the Commvault and they are being displayed as:

  1. {Name} First Last, {Email address};
  2. {Name} First Last, {Email address};
  3. {Name} First Last, {Email address}

As you can see, despite that all of these Mailboxes have been selected to be backed up, only one of them managed to get it right. And If I try to add those other two again, it doesn’t do anything.. 

As I mentioned before, the only common thing between those Mailboxes is that the Name field match.

Hopefully this helps.

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From your screenshot seems to be a part of the backup already. 


Just to confirm you are checking the boxes next to the names and clicking on the save option correct? 





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Can you try the same thing in the commcell Java GUI? It may be an issue with the command center not allowing you to add them.  If the Java GUI produces the same results I’d have to suggest opening a Ticket with support so we can take a look with you. 

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Hey @Vaidas K. !  Following up to see if @Chris ‘ advice paid off.  If not, did you open a support case?  If so, what is the incident number?

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Hey @Vaidas K. !  Following up again to see if @Chris ‘ advice paid off.  If not, did you open a support case?  If so, what is the incident number?