Oracle duplicate - Target user instance is empty.

  • 13 May 2022
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I am trying to duplicate Oracle DB from production to test server, but when I pick all the options and go to script preview I get this:


I don’t really understand what is the problem, I’ve checked my oracle instance configuration in Commvault and either ORACLE USER in general tab or connect string in details tab fields are set on both the source database (target instance) and target database (auxilary instance). ClOraAgent.log doesn’t show anything useful.

32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 OracleContext::PrepareContext() - Prepare Oracle context
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 OraBaseContext::LoadDupTargetProperties() - Got Duplicate InstanceId 68 for name TREST1
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 IDAError::SendMsg() - setting JPR for jobId 36602
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 EvEvent::setMsgEventArguments() - MsgId[0x97000048]: Catalog does not exist or Args table does not exist.
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 LoadDupTargetProperties() - errMsg=[Target instance User is empty.]
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 LoadDupTargetProperties() - IsSetJPR = [TRUE]
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 LoadDupTargetProperties() - IsAlreadySent = [FALSE]
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 LoadDupTargetProperties() - Error with Stack[0xECCC065B:{OraBaseContext::LoadDupTargetProperties(2976)/ErrNo.1627.(Error 1627 occurred.)-Target instance User is empty.}]
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 ClOraAgent::SendToGUI() - first phase script not found, perhaps not selected
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:55 36602 ClOraAgent::SendToGUI(14202) - Phase2 script is
Target instance User is empty.
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:56 36602 ClOraAgent::SendToGUI(14269) - Sent [212] bytes of script
32113048 1   05/13 15:53:58 36602 ::PreBrowse() - Preparing context failed:0xFFFFFFFF:{ClOraAgent::PrepareContext(1287)/ErrNo.-1.(Error -1 occurred.)-Target instance User is empty.}


This test server/instance was already used for duplicate from other Oracle servers before. Also, not sure if that’s important or not but source database is part of Oracle RAC although it is configured in Commvault as Standalone instance for the time being.

Any ideas where should I look for the solution?


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7 replies

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Hi @Gowri Shankar 

Thanks, I will check this and get back to you.

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Hi @Gowri Shankar 

So I asked local admin to check and he confirms that tnsping is working:

  • from target server to source instance
  • from source server to target instance

I’ve also increased debug level for ClOraAgent but I still don’t see anything meaningful. You can find log fragment for the script preview attached.

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just to let you know about some more findings:

  • When I try to duplicate and go to a script preview it shows “Target instance User is empty.”
  • if I ignore this and go ahead with duplicate the job fails with “Target instance User is empty.”
  • when I try to resubmit the job it actually starts and this message is showing no more
  • I haven’t seen this on another fresh duplicate attempt for that server
  • This behavior I’ve seen on more than 1 server

This a case for support probably, but to be honest I’m too busy right now, so I will stick with this workaround for as long as it will be working.

Thanks for all your suggestions @Gowri Shankar !

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Hi @Robert Horowski 

While Oracle duplicate DB target db refers to source database and destination db as auxiliary db

Verify the source connect string has a db user name as full connect string


Pre-requirements for duplicate db →


In case if you have a recovery catalog manager then you could skip connection to target database during the restore 

Link →


    1. To create the duplicate database without connecting to the target database, select the Skip target connection check box.

    2. In the Catalog Connect box enter the Oracle catalog connect string credentials. If the source instance uses '/' as the connect string (Instance Properties, Details tab, Connect String), use sys/<password>@servicename for the target database connect string.

      • Enter the catalog user name.

      • Enter the catalog user password.

      • Enter the Oracle service name.


Let us know in case of any other questions.



Gowri Shankar

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Hi @Gowri Shankar 

Thanks for the reply. On the source database instance I have configured full connect string

source database instance properties

This message I get about “Target instance User is empty.” I get whether


I am using Catalog Connect


or Skip target connection options.

It’s all the same, I don’t get what is wrong here.

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Hi @Robert Horowski 


Putty into the destination server 

tnsping <Source_service_name>


Provide the same server name defined on the source instance 

Im assuming it may be pointing to a different instance or RAC name / scan connect 


Increase ClOraAgent debug level to 6 

Perform the script preview and review the ClOraAgent.log on the destination 

This should show the exact connect string or the sql query it fails




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@Robert Horowski , appreciate the reply!

Do you want to mark one of the replies as the Best Answer, or leave it open until you have time for a support case?

Let me know what works best!