oracle incremental backup has been converted to full

  • 22 November 2021
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Hi All,


I  ran an oracle incremental backup for a database but this backup has been converted to full backup I am asking why this happened , however this database has a previous and valid full backup .


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10 replies

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Hey @Marwam, the reason is usually in the job events, it might be informational or a warning, so check them all. Let me know if you can spot it?


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Hi @Damian Andre , thanks for your reply but the job has been configured as an incremental backup but after starting its converted to full as shown in the job events and also wrote the size of full backup .

It is a problem and I want to know the reason to avoid this issue .

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@Marwa , if the job logs have not been overwritten, we can review JobManager.log and the oragent log files.

Here are the possible reasons in case any jump out at you:

When does a non-full backup automatically get converted to a full backup?

  • When you select the backup type as Full in the CommCell Console and enter the backup type as Incremental in the customize script, the job will run as Full.

  • When you select backup type as Incremental in CommCell Console and enter the backup type as Full in the customize script, the job will run as Full. The Job Manager will treat this job as Incremental (on the job controller and the job history and the job report). This job is pruned when it reaches the data retention date.

  • When a storage policy is changed and the backup type is switched to full from the job manager, the increment level is changed to 0.

  • If you do not enter the backup type in the customize script, then the system picks up the backup type selected in CommCell Console.

  • If a table level job fails in the archive index phase, Commvault marks the job as Completed With Errors (CWE), and the next job will be converted to a full backup.

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@Mike Struening Many thanks 

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Glad to help!  Were you able to check the JobManager and Oraagent log files?  If not, share the content here and we can assist (unless you can see the reason in the list above).

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Unfortunately I can not find the reason till now and the issue repeated again , I found that backup has been converted to full in the job event but with no reasons .


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@Marwa , open a case with support then, and share the incident number back here so I can follow up accordingly.

It’s definitely one of those reasons, though that doesn’t help to quell your concerns without knowing for sure!

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@Mike Struening Thanks the issue has been resolved , kindly I have another question some completed backup have been completed but they appear like the below screen shot , however I didn't customize any backup script of the below backups .


My question is why some backups have backup type Incremental while others have backup type Incremental(Custom script)

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Glad to hear it, @Marwa !  Can you let me know what the issue was (so I can document it here for others)?

Regarding the Custom Script notation, it could be that these are triggered by RMAN.

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@Marwa - The backups which are marked as Custom script are initiated from a scheduler then go to the schedule policy which triggers these jobs. In the schedule policy properties → advanced options → custom script 

If the custom script tab is selected and have rman script then the jobs will be marked this way


In case custom script is enabled, please verify internally if some one has enabled it for a purpose before disabling it.

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