Out of place restore from save-as script not working

  • 11 November 2021
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Hello community,

I am testing a CLI (qoperation) restore script to restore a random file from clientA to clientB, but it is not working.  The script is getting the following error on the qoperation cmd for the restore XML file:

Out of place restore. User [{clientB}_localadmin__] must have [Out-of-Place Recover] capability for the source and [In Place Recover] capability at the destination.

Anyone have any idea why I’d get this message?

The script is being executed on clientB, but I also get same error running it directly on clientA, the host where the source file lives. 

To create the restore script, I used the java console to select clientA/subclient and a specific backup date, then selected a sample file to restore and filled in the restore dialog as a re-directed restore to clientB - then saved the restore script (save-as-script).  I can certainly restore the file if I were to just let the restore run directly from the restore dialog, but for some reason the save-as script is not able to run the XML file.  Seems bizzare, and I’ve not found any setting that controls out-of-place restores, or any BOL page that might explain this.  Maybe I’ve not looked hard enough, but if there is such a setting, why would it be allowed through the console interfaces but not via the ‘Q’ commands?


Thanks in advance for any feedback.





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3 replies

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Bah, nevermind .. I think I know what the problem is here.

Carry on ..


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Nice work catching it on your side!

Can you share the solution for posterity?  Also want to be sure you DID find the solution and are up and running.


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Gentle follow up on this.  Can you share the solution you found?