Problems Install agent MS Windows

  • 16 April 2021
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Good Afternoon.

I´m having trouble installing an agent on a MS Windows Server 2019.

The user is Admin local on the server






Best answer by Fernando Souza 20 April 2021, 14:20

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Few basic things, since you have not mentioned those. 

  • Have you clicked on that link to the error to see what it says? what does it say?
  • Can you login with that account locally? Is the account locked?
  • Do you have enough space on the C Drive?
  • Are you copy/pasting the password? make sure that all characters are correct.
  • Is this host accessible over the network?
  • Is the firewall on the OS disabled? If not, have you configured the CV Ports as allowed?
  • can you cvping from the Commserve? can you ping the commserve from that server?
  • can you nslookup this server?
  • Have you checked the job logs by right clicking the job > view logs and looking for words like *error* or *falied* 


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Hi @Fernando Souza ,


I would suggest checking the above mentioned by @dude.

You could also check if you can remotely connect to the Windows Servers Registry from the CommServe remotely.
In Regedit, File > Connect Network Registry. Enter the Client Name and the Credentials.
This will need Remote Registry running on the Windows Client Machine you’re installing on and TCP 445 open.


Best Regards,




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Hello @dude 

Thanks, i will check these settings and warn you.

Sorry because i´m a beginner in Commvault. i worked with HP Data Protector since were HP Omniback(2002), and some things is diferrents, but ok. Thanks again.

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Hello @dude 

I think the problems is related with ther network config(DNS), but it´s not resolvindo names by DNS, i sent the message for network team to solve this and after i send a message.

thank you!

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@Fernando Souza , confirm the Remote Registry service is enabled on the Client.  that’s a common issue with this error.

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i solved the problem, is related about the DNS, i put the names in the hosts*

and the network team enable somthing.