Redirection backup traffic for specific Server ?

  • 12 April 2024
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Dear Community,

In a organization with 1GB network cross infrastructure, Im looking a way to redirect a backup traffic from a Client Server with 10GB lan → a Commvault MediaAgent also with 10GB LAN.

This client has a huge Database and in order to proceed with backup, a 10GB interface network!

Please for your recommendation / workaround in order to redirect the 10GB interface between the specific client ↔ MediaAgent,  which also has 1GB network (for the other backup jobs)!

How can we ensure that database backups are routed through a specific 10GB network, considering that the communication between the ComCell and the client currently occurs over a separate 1GB network? Is it possible to prioritize backup traffic to utilize the higher bandwidth network effectively?

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3 replies

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Hello @Nikos.Kyrm 

You can setup a Data Interface Pair between the Client and MediaAgent. This forces traffic over a specific interface so that we run the backup over a Backup Network rather than the Production Network.


Setting Up a Data Interface Pair Between Two Clients -


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What is also called Backup Network:)


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Hello @Jacek Piechucki and @Collin Harper

Thanks for your reply.

Great! Backup network worked fine after configuring the pairs:

  • 1st Computer → client (with 10G network adapter)
  • 2nd Computer → MA (with 10G network adapter)

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