Removing node on SQL Always On Instances

  • 3 June 2022
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Hi Team,


How can I remove one of the nodes on my SQL Always On Instances. There are 3 nodes configured, one of them got out of order. So, I need to remove this because backup didn’ t go running state. I didn’ t find any documentation for this.




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2 replies

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deselect the needed instance

  1. From the SQL Server instance list, select an instance.

    If the SQL Server client has only one instance, then the instance is automatically selected.


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Hello @0ber0n 

I am not certain what you mean by “one of them got out of order”

However, for SQL AG the member servers are discovered at the beginning of the backup. Because of the way MSSQL AG behave and relation to backup from primary node and passive node you can not just remove a node from the config it auto discovered and displayed. The backup must discovery all member servers and which servers are secondary/primary to know where to start the backup process.