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  • 26 July 2021
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I am looking for data on restores. Specifically we would like to know how many days back the data is from the day the restores was ran. I am not able to locate something in Commvault that will give that data. Knowing this information about the restores our company does would help us size tiers of backup data. For example how long to keep data on fast storage before it is moved to another tier.



Best answer by Scott Moseman 27 July 2021, 19:18

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3 replies

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Hi @Richard G. 

Thank you for the question.

I don’t believe we have any such report that will provide the age of data used for a restore job.

You would need to show historic restore jobs and check the content that was selected for restore and then back track to identify the age of the data at the point the restore job was run.



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“You can configure the CommCell Console to generate an event message for restore jobs using the EnableRestoreDataAgeTracking global parameter. This global parameter allows you to track the age of the data that you are trying to restore by comparing the backup time with the retention settings on the storage policy copy.”

I need to try this myself, but maybe enabling this will help for future restore reporting.


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Scott I am going to take this and formulate a MR with the ticket I have open. I think devs could use this + reporting to add a lot of benefit to the customer. We would be able to use that data to help size certain classes of storage.  Thanks for you input everyone.