Restore Object AD.

  • 27 February 2023
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Hello Guys

I’m trying to Restore an Active Directory Object.

Following this documentation:

Need to change the value of UPDATE PRIVILEGE.

How is this change in value accomplished?




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Hi Carlos,


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change the value of UPDATE PRIVILEGE because it’s set on the attribute itself.


If you go to Active Directory Users and Computers > View > Select ‘Advanced Features’, you would be able to see Attribute Editor when you right click an object > properties. 


There are some values that can be changed (e.g displayName) as long as you’re domain admin / account owner

Update Privilege Domain administrator or account owner



Then there are some values that simply cannot be changed even though you’re domain admin and have the highest permissions in your domain. 


E.g if you’re trying to change badPasswordTime, it will stop you with the error below:

Update Privilege This value is set by the system.


So for those with “This value is set by the system”, it won’t let you change the value/Update privilege itself because it’s system-only and they are not intended to be modified by a user (or us that’s impersonating your domain admin). 


Thank you.


Kind regards,

Jiye Lee