Retaintion regarding Windows File System subclient

  • 8 April 2024
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I found the bellow settings for a couple of Windows File System subclients.

After reading Am I to understand the Minimum retention based on file modification time’s “Retain objects indefinitely” as the objects will never be aged and never get to the Deleted item retention?

Eg. if File1 is created and changed and three months later deleted. It will still exist in the store 3 years after deletion time….




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3 replies

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Hello @PatricG 

There is an example mentioned in the document that you have shared. Let me know if that helps: 

Set the Minimum retention based on file modification time to 1 year and 10 days. Set the Deleted item retention to 3 years and 8 days.

The file is initially retained for 1 year and 10 days after the file was modified. After the Modified Time Based Retention, the file, depending on whether the file is deleted, is retained based on the Deleted item retention criteria.

If the file is not deleted, it stays in the storage media indefinitely. If the file is deleted then the file is carried forward for 3 years and 8 days after which the deleted file is retained as defined in the storage policy retention options.


Rajiv Singal

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Hi @Rajiv ,

Yes I did see that example and do understand it.

My problem is that there’s no example for the ,choice “Retain objects indefinitely” unde minimum retention based on file modification time.

Reading the second example my interpretation of the choice  “Retain objects indefinitely” is that every new synthetic full backup will contain every file that has existed on the share since the backups started. Even though they are deleted.
Is that a correct interpretation?

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Hello @PatricG Yes, your understanding is correct for second example. 


Rajiv Singal