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  • 2 February 2023
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Hi all,

We have configured SAP HANA agent backups, what works as expected. Buckups runing, stored in the configured library and retained according to Storage Policy. On Commvault side, only the necessary backups can be seen.
But on HANA side in HANA Studio, all of the backup jobs can be seen. Even those that are no longer available because they have been deleted due to retention time.
Is it possible to synch HANA backup catalog to Commvault available backups? If there are basic and extendly reteined backup jobs, retention time config on HANA side, won't be correct.
But, if retention time config on HANA side is the only solution, then it can be good for basic retained jobs. If extendly reteined job restore needed, External Backup ID available on Commvault side and can be used for restore in HANA studio.


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Hi @VBalazs 

There is a way to prune the HANA catalog.


This doesn’t work at the granularity of each backup, but prunes the catalog entries older than the days you configure with the additional setting. You can match the number of days with your retention days.