server requirements for commserve, with a lot of Deconfigured clients.

  • 12 August 2021
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i was looking at the commserve hardware requirements. 

You can have a combination of servers, virtual machines, and laptops in a single CommCell environment. The total workload must equal the maximum number of servers, per CommCell environment type (Extra Large, Large, Medium, or Small). The workload equivalent for each entity is as follows:

  • Server: 1
  • Virtual Machine: 0.5
  • Laptops: 0.2

now i fully understand the above calculation of the environment size.

however, what if a Commcell has let say 500 deconfigured clients.

would these need to be calculated? if so, are they full “servers” or do they count for less then this.

as technically they are not active but still in the Commserves DB.


thanks in advance,


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Thos Gieskes.


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Hi @Thos Gieskes,

I’ll try get more info, but my initial reaction is they still count, but “count less” since jobmanager will no be processing jobs for them. Deconfigured clients still occupy table space in the database that has to be traversed and indexed, especially if you are keeping data/jobs around for long term retention.


I’d say that if the data for these clients is allowed to age out after a short amount of time, then the impact on the DB would be negligible and you could probably exclude them from the calculation. But let me see if I can get more info from the team.


Update: confirmed with engineering that the above is correct. For count less you can probably use a guestimate depending on how much data is on the clients that will be deprecated, but unless its thousands it should not make a huge difference.