Sharing a Mount Path Using DataServer-IP

  • 3 November 2021
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Is there any drawback  if use sharing of mount paths using data server IP instead of local credentials.

Will there be any impact on recovery throughput if we use data server IP instead of local credentials for sharing of mount path between media agents in Read mode ?


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3 replies

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Should have no issues in one vs. the other!

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@Mike Struening 

Which method of mount path sharing is safe from security perspective ? 


As per the below doc , it mentions that --

To ensure full protection of data on a network mount path, the network share should have restricted permissions with only a specific Commvault backup user with write, modify and delete permissions.


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Data Server IP.

As noted (which makes administration a lot simpler):

  • The mount paths are shared without the complexity of managing user credential for each mount path.