sizing for data access node to backup AWS EFS Shares

  • 26 April 2021
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Hello we are using an EC2 instance as data access node to backup aws EFS Shares.

is there any documentation about the sizing and requirements ?

Thank you


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4 replies

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Hi @Bloopa 

Please take a look at this info and see if this helps in understanding the requirements:

Getting Started with AWS EFS (Amazon Elastic File System)

Linux File System Agent: System Requirements

I haven’t been able to find any specific sizing guide for EC2 instance for protecting EFS Shares, but if you can provide some details on the data volumes involved, I can check internally with the teams here at Commvault.



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Hello @Stuart Painter 

The customer ask me a detailed sizing for data access node used to backup EFS volume and also FSX 

I can give you the approximate amout of fata to backup

If you can check internally it will be very helpful for me.


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@Stuart Painter 

We have only 600 gb backup and maximum 5 TO for the 5 years.



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HI @Bloopa 


we use for a customer t3.xlarge what works very will. If you also push the MA packages as restore only you also can use Power management to save costs.  :smiley: