Slow mySQL Restores

  • 29 November 2021
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What would be the best way to move forward with a mySQL backup/restore when the traditional backup/restore have slow performance?  Backup is decent but restore of a few GB in a single table takes hours to complete. 
So, with restore performance in mind, would it be best to update the license model to enable Enterprise SBT-bases backups? Or would a block-based backup be the best way to go? 



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2 replies

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Hi @Patrik 

The problem with restoring tables from dump based backup is that, even if you need only a few tables we will first have to restore the entire DB dump and then import the tables you need from that database.

Block level restore would minimize the amount of data needs to be restored by restoring only the blocks needed. You can give it a try.





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are any tweaks on MySQL which can be implemented to speed up a MySQL Restore?

I am trying a cross-instance Restore and the Performance is realy bad ~2GB/h. The Restore of the Dump looks fine but the import of the transactions is slow like hell.

Is there any way to improve the situation?

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