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  • 7 November 2022
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Hey All,


one question regarding the SQL Log backup. 


We had 2 SPs 


SPDB → Full

SPlog → translog


We are running every 10 minuts log backups and every 15 minuts auxcopy. The split is needed because after the full db backup the auxcopy take a long time. That we have the logs in DC2 we splited that the auxcopy for both SPs can run at the same time. 


No we have the problem when 1 DB is converded to diff that the Hole job will associated to the SPDB SP. 




Server 1:


DB1 / Recovery modus Full

DB2 / Recovery Modus Simple

DB3 / Recovery Modus Full


When the Backup job started it goes to SPlog when the second dbs runs the hole job is rerouted to SPDB. 


Is there any possibility to prevent ths ? Yes i can create an new subclient for all dbs with simple recovery modus… But what happend when the dba create a new one. 


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1 reply

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oO i see something :) 


When i browse both SPs i see in both SPs the same job ID. Is it correct that comault routs only the simple dbs to the other sp ?