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  • 3 March 2022
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Just had a question about SSL certificate  

Web service uses IIS and Command Center uses Tomcat; we have a yearly task to renew the SSL certificates  on Tomcat however did not see any steps to update IIS certificate; what services are supported by IIS and which ones are by Tomcat web server; and how do I check the certificate assoication in IIS; I am aware of how to install new cert on Tomcat webserver.   

Also, the servers which host these 2 services (different from Commserve); as web-proxies to connect the Internet based clients  on a custom port ; as I  understand changing certificate on tomcat has no bearing on the communication from multuiple clients back to Commserve via web proxy  




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Hi @Theseeker 

There are two services as you already suggest, I’ll explain here for the benefit of the Community.

Tomcat is the Web Console and Command Center web engine.

IIS is the Web Service web engine and operates as a connector service that is used by Web Console, Command Center and a few other services, like archive email recall to provide external connections to the Commserve database. So whilst they are separate, Tomcat does still depend on Web Service to function.

You are already familiar with Configuring Secured Access for Web Applications that adds certificates for Tomcat.

Please take a look at Configuring Secured Access on a Web Service for similar steps to provide an SSL certificate for the Web Service in IIS.

There are steps there involved in adding and configuring a certificate for IIS, but you can use the same steps to check existing configuration and update as appropriate.

One last point to make is that https is enabled by default on Tomcat on installation, using a self-signed certificate generated on installation, however this is not the case for IIS, which is considered an internal service and uses http by default. You can add https security to IIS for the Web Service post-installation by following steps in Configuring Secured Access on a Web Service.



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Any luck on this one @Theseeker ?