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  • 16 July 2021
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We have traditionally pulled chargeback from our metric server through SQL connection. We have a new commcell that does not have an internal connection to the corporate network. How can I get chargeback from it? Is there an API connection that we can do to the report on


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2 replies

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The new commcell needs to be able to upload the data to the metrics server so that it will be available for you to query thru SQL. As the process runs a bunch of scripts in order to collect the data that is uploaded. There is no way to pull a chargeback directly from a commcell as the chargeback tables do not exist on the commcell.

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@ShaneHicks, API for any report is available on the Report table.

if you are already uploading chargeback data to from your commcell, open the chargeback report and on the report table, you will have the option to get the API.

other way is, in case your commcell is not uploading to your local Metrics server is, you can use the below report on your commcell :

Chargeback Details

import into webconsole > reports or command center reports and will give you similar information as in the metrics chargeback report.