unable to add the Array with NetApp SnapDiff Feature

  • 29 April 2021
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Hello together,


has anybody used NetApp SnapDiff Feature with FP23 for a CIFS oder NFS File Share Backup?

We got this Error Message:

unable to add the Array [SVM] in the array management

Last Change was opening Port 443 like written in the documentation. The Netapp Array is configured in the Array Management. We understand that during the backup it trys to add the SVM to the Arrays. But we dont know which communication is really happening there.


Maybe someone puzzles with it too. :)


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4 replies

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It looks like that the following Step is missing in the Command Center we are using for the Implementation. :(

After adding the SVM in the Java Gui it works.

The Array is now shown with the SVM Name. This was not possible with our manually created Client Object. The documentation is really bad about thoose details.

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@Christo , to confirm, is there a step missing in the documentation, or in the actual Command Center process itself?

I can get the documentation team to look at it regardless, though want to be sure we’re addressing it properly.

@Seema Ghai @vimal 

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Hi Mike, we did not find the Step in Command Center to add the SVM which automatically creates the Fileserver Client Object. 

We manually added the Client Object but the Array was not set for this Client object. The created Client Object from the Java Gui worked as shown.


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Thanks for the detail!  I tagged in the documentation team who can adjust.