Updating Mount Path Credentials

  • 15 May 2023
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While running an Aux copy job receiving below error even after updating the credentials in the “Credential Vault” in control panel. Do we have to update it in any other location 


Error Code: [13:138]
Description: Error occurred while processing chunk [13495797] in media [V_740039], at the time of error in library [] and mount path [[] ], for storage policy [] copy [] MediaAgent []: Backup Job []. Cannot impersonate user. User credentials provided for disk mount path access may be incorrect.

4 replies

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Have you tried killing the aux copy job and restarting it?

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Verify the Mount Path config is actually using the Credential Vault?


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I have restarted the Aux copy multiple times still throwing same error.

The mount path is using the credentials vault i have updated and changed the password as well.


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Have you tried restarting the MediaAgent services?