Warning about volume license over 80%

  • 8 November 2021
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we are currently running at over 80% of our volume license. I would have the question to the value, whether also Aux Copys are counted in the volume ? So if the data is backed up to HDD and then another copy is made to S3.

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4 replies

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Hi @thomas.S 

I’m not working for Commvault, but as a customer, I’ve always been told that the volume licences are from the Full backups, Front-end terabyte, so no matter how many auxcopies of your backups you perform, to any location, it’s not counted. You just need to have the infrastructure to hold them :grinning:.

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Hi @Laurent,

do i have a way to make a prediction with commvault that says if and when we would get to 100% ?


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Hello @thomas.S,

As far as i know regarding the aux copy, it consumes 1 licence per media agent.

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Well this is a good question, but to answer it, it would depend on multiple inputs, and mostly regarding the evolution of the environment that you protect.

Let’s say you currently have all your environment protected, no more servers/VMs/instances to protect. You can have growth of the amount of data that will be protected, as most companies do, like maybe 10% per year. So in that case you’d be reaching 100% in 2 years or so.

In your Commvault webconsole, from the Dashboard / Current capacity item, you have the Licence information, and clicking on it you get details you can drilldown to.

And from this screen then, you have on the right side of the screen the ‘License peak usage’ link. Click it and you’ll get a detailed monthly report about your peak usage over the time.

From, through the webconsole and same reports, you could have more detailed information. 

I can’t find out the information, but I’m quite sure that there’s a built-in report, from the CV Cloud or your Webconsole, that predicts (only from your previous usage and growth) when you would run out of your license. Cloud reports changed since a few weeks and I can’t find it back.