Do we have any script or workflow do delete multiple subclients (disabled)

  • 23 September 2022
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I have multiple subclients to be cleaned up which was decommissioned while ago and retention already elapsed and script or work flow can any of you are using ?’



4 replies

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Even easier, if you have already released the license for each of those systems. They can be pruned on the next aging job if all data and jobs have been aged off. Open Control Panel and click on Media Management and enable this setting.


Delete deconfigured clients that have no protected data

Definition: During a data aging job, clients that meet the following criteria are deleted after 30 days from the day they were created:

  • The client is deconfigured.

  • The backup data is deleted.

  • The software was uninstalled on the client.

    Additional criteria for discovered virtual machines.

    • The VM is deleted in the management interface for the hypervisor, such as VMware vCenter.

Default Value: 0

Range: 0 (No) or 1 (Yes)

Usage: By default, the value is set to 0 which means that clients that meet the preceding criteria are not deleted. Set the value to 1 to delete the clients that meet the preceding criteria.

Notes: For tape library, the deconfigured clients are deleted only when all the media associated with the tape library are recycled.

Tip: You can also use the Clients with no Archive Data rule to group client computers that meet the preceding criteria and may be deleted.

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The information about which clients are deleted are also referenced in the logs for the Data Aging as well, if you need to note what clients were deleted for audit purposes.


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Thanks @J Dodson , I have already got that enabled.

But the requirement is slight different from the functionality it does, the clients are not Deconfigured but there multiple sub clients under the clients  which were decommissioned so would need to deleted them if sub client is disabled and no retention for the sub client .

Use case : VCenter having multiple Subclients ( more than 100) so the manually process to clean up if it is disabled and no retention data is not a easy job,  so looking for some workflow or script which does the needfull.

@Srikanth K




Example: To delete a subclient for a Sybase agent, type qoperation execute –af remove_subclient_template.xml -clientName xxxxx -instanceName xxxxx -subclientName xxxxx where xxxxx is the parameter value