Recover a backup after a Disaster

  • 28 November 2023
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Hi All,

in the infrastructure that I manage, I have a Commserve and a Media Agent on premise (cmvCServe and cmvMA01) and another MA (cmvMA02). Due to cost issues, only the Commserve is directly replicated on a remote infrastructure dedicated to any Disaster Recovery.
A second MA (cmvMA02) is active on a DR infrastructure, but not actually used.
Both MA are connected to two different S3 libraries in the cloud where the respective DDB is also present.

In the event of a disaster, can I recover the backups carried out by the on-prem MA by configuring the share of the library located on the first MA to be reached and used throught the second MA, positioned in the DR environment?
Is this a viable configuration?

Thanks in advance for your answers!
Best Regards

2 replies

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Hello @stefano.ebau 

Thanks for the great question!
When it comes to recovering data the components required are the CS and the data its self.
You can build a new MA and give it access, we can rebuild index data from the data its self.
The DDB is not needed for recovery only backup.

As long as in your DR you are able to still access the Commserv and the data its self, the rest can be replaced without issue and quite quicky. 

Hope this answers your questions!

Kind regards

Albert Williams

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Hi Albert!
Thank you for your answer,
As soon as I can, I will ask for further explanations to clear up all my doubts…
Best Regards
Stefano Ebau