after failed update setup starts automatically on reboot

  • 13 March 2024
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Hi team,

my customer started an update SP28 ->SP32 . Update failed due to several issues. We are in solving issue by issue but it will take some time.

Now we observed that update procedure starts and wants to continue everytime we reboot the Commserve host.

We checked the scheduler but cannot find who iniciates  the update process.

At the moment we should not and want not update to 32. Sql is now Ok, but we have still some index V1 issues we want to solve on SP28 before update. 

Does a key or a procedure exist which lock the update process until we are ready to update?

Can anybody help ?

Thanks in advance


5 replies

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Please open a case with support to look at this.


Edward J Holowienka

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If this is the advice, I will do.



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Hi @Joerg ,

Someone had a similar issue in the Forum.

I told him to upgrade to latest MR109 on FR28 first, then upgrade to FR32 which completed successfully.

So you can try that first, if not, then yes, just log a case and we will check.

Best Regards,


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Hi Sebastian,

let me recab.

Ok, I checked we are on 11.28.48 that fits. I will download the MR 109 package manual and local. unpack

“install updates”. I expect “there is still an update running, what do you want  to do?” Start from beginning!

As we stay in version 11.28 this should work with any MR >48 . correct?

I think this is a fancy way to workaround my issue. It was not in my mind .

Thank you. I will discuss this with customer.




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@Joerg ,

Ok, 28.48 (Feb 07, 2023) is old now, so it could be one of them we fixed:

Failed to upgrade CS versions due to error in Python Modules installation



CS upgrade may fail when processing table Gxglobalparam.

3252, 3253


We recommend to upgrade/update every 2-3 months:

To keep your CommCell environment up to date, we recommend the following:

  • Update the platform release every 1 to 2 years.

  • Update the maintenance release every 2 to 3 months.


Wait for the job to complete/pending/fail.

Then run a new MR109 Update.

Let me know