Commcell recovery after failed update to Platform release

  • 19 April 2024
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Hello dear community,

this is not a problem, but rather a kind of preparation. Our CommCell server is virtualised and runs under VMware. We are planning to upgrade our CommCell from version 11.24.94 to Commvault Platform Release 2023E (11.32). In case something goes wrong during the upgrade process, I was thinking of taking a snapshot of the VM running the CommCell before starting the update and then restoring this snapshot in an emergency to have the machine as it was before the update.

Is this a viable option, or does the CommCell not cope so well when a snapshot is imported?
Are there any other ways that you can recommend to restore the functionality?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Best regards,


2 replies

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Hi Pascal… 


That’s what I usually do.. (when possible), Just make sure all activity is disabled on the Commcell level and the snapshot is taken while the VM is powered off (to make sure that the SQL Commserve DB (if local) is 100% consistent). 

Even when things “go wrong” during such an upgrade, the CVLT installer seems very good at resuming from where it left off..  (this has helped me multiple times due to interference by various AV software).

Also, don’t forget to do a DDB backup (If using dedupe) as soon as related MAs are upgraded and good.. 

In any case it is always recommended to do a DR backup before updating.. 

And as being a former VMWare admin, I have to say: Please remember to delete the VM snap when done :) 



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Agree with making sure all activity is disabled.  Once there’s activity post upgrade you’re committed.  Although if you have activity it should mean the upgrade was successful.

Absolutely take a DR backup before the upgrade.  Worst case, this is what is going to be supported by Commvault for rebuilding the CommServe back to a pre-upgrade state.