Migrating from Exchange Compliance Archiver Agent to Exchange Agent

  • 10 November 2023
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Hi guys.


We have a customer running Commvault v11.24 (Commserve and 1x Media Agent) on Windows 2012. An OS upgrade to W2019 + CV upgrade to v11.32 will be happening soon.


It’s a small environment with Exchange Compliance Archiver Agent installed on the CommServe server archiving a few email msgs from legacy systems per day on Exchange on-prem. The Search node for this agent is running on the Media Agent however the Index sits on the CommServe server. The decommissioning of this environment will happen in 12-18 months only.


From the Deprecation Note...

...the replacement is the new Exchange Agent. A new client server will be created and the new Exchange agent installed on it. The idea is to keep the Commserve server clean and steady without any other role running.


But, in replacing and decommissioning the old Exchange Agent what happen with the Search Node and index?


From the article...

...we can create an Exchange virtual cloud to allow end users to search all journal messages that were archived by both the Exchange Compliance Archiver Agent and the Exchange Mailbox Agent. 

But doesn’t mention a word (or I’m missing it) about the Search Node and Index previously used.





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Hi @Eddiie 

I believe you are getting this answered via 231113-731?

You would like to move the search engine index node data to another server, and then again to another server.

To do this: 

1. Add new index node

2. Move index with the workflow ( )

3. Remove original index

4. Repeat 1-3 with the final servers required.


Please let me know if not / or you need something else clarified here.