Auxiliary copy is stuck at 30%

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Glad to hear good news (so far) on the original issue!

For the Maintenance Advantage issue, send an email to our Frontline team (via and they’ll help get you sorted.  If they need anything confirming proof of ownership, they’ll guide you.

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Hey @Kelvin , hope all is well!  following up to see if the reboot fixed it or if you opened a case up.


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@Kelvin - I wasn't exactly sure if you are doing this from your description, but if you are using VSA to backup your CommServe VM, that is generally not a good idea - for the simple fact of, if lose the CommServe, how do you restore the CommServe :wink:

Better just to have several copies of your DR Backup (including a free service to upload it to us for safe keeping), and then provision a new VM, install the software and restore the DR backup to recover.

Glad the forum has been helpful!

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Hi Mike,


Just ran Readiness on both of the Servers, which seems to be OK



But it failed the below 2 commands on both Servers

  1. CvNetworkTestTool -Client -SrvHostName S02116 (ran on the Media Server S01190)
  2. CvNetworkTestTool -Client -SrvHostName S01190 (ran on the CommServe S02116)

with the below error messages


Do we know exactly what ports are being blocked between the two ?





PS. Pls ignore the offlined tape library “Quantum Scalar i40-i80” as it’s been replaced by “Quantum Scalar i40-i80 21”, although the offlined is still set as the default one: