HyperscaleX DNS requirement

  • 31 August 2023
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Hi Good Day!

I’m planning to deploy new HSX servers. I have a question about the DNS record requirement. Pls help.

Environment detail:


VLAN1.bond1 (CS-Registration)  -→ This will be used for connecting to Commserve and VMware backup, DNS, and MGMT.

VLAN2.bond1 (Data Protection)-→ This will be used to backup Agent-based backup. 

Bond2 -→ This is for the Storage Pool. DNS record not required.

DNS record planning to create for the bond1 interfaces.

VLAN1.bond1: ,,

VLAN2.bond1:, &   ? Do I need to create a DNS record for the Agent-based backup sub-interface? In this context, I doubt I can have a DNS entry for a sub-interface other than the CS registration.  Please help.

4 replies

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Hi @Comtech 

DNS entry is needed for hostname which should be used for CS registration. You can add entry for VLAN2.bond1 if needed but it will not be checked during deployment.


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Hi Anwar, Thanks for your reply. I will update you after deployment

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Did it work with DNS only for the mgmt-network? I have a similar situation but docs clearly says that DNS is required for both management and DP network. 

DNS entries are only required for the data protection network and the optional 1GbE management network. Storage pool network does not need DNS entries.

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@R Anwar 

Hi Anwar, could you please confirm if DNS entry is mandatory for Data protection network or not ?



was your deployment successful without DNS record for DP interface ?