HyperscaleX DNS requirement

  • 31 August 2023
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Hi Good Day!

I’m planning to deploy new HSX servers. I have a question about the DNS record requirement. Pls help.

Environment detail:


VLAN1.bond1 (CS-Registration)  -→ This will be used for connecting to Commserve and VMware backup, DNS, and MGMT.

VLAN2.bond1 (Data Protection)-→ This will be used to backup Agent-based backup. 

Bond2 -→ This is for the Storage Pool. DNS record not required.

DNS record planning to create for the bond1 interfaces.

VLAN1.bond1: ,,

VLAN2.bond1:, &   ? Do I need to create a DNS record for the Agent-based backup sub-interface? In this context, I doubt I can have a DNS entry for a sub-interface other than the CS registration.  Please help.

2 replies

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Hi Anwar, Thanks for your reply. I will update you after deployment

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Hi @Comtech 

DNS entry is needed for hostname which should be used for CS registration. You can add entry for VLAN2.bond1 if needed but it will not be checked during deployment.