Netapp Intellisnap can't find the right vserver/SVM

  • 29 August 2023
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After adding the array into array management and triggering a intellisnap backup.  Commvault is failing to create snapshot due to not finding the specified vserver.

Error Code: [32:392] Description: Snap creation failed. : [Unable to create snapshot for FileServer:[] Volume:[/vol/vmware_nfs] SnapName:[SP_2_1075_4_1693309853]. Return code:[15698][Specified vserver not found]] Source: cvcs, Process: vsbkp

I’ve checked the vsbkp logs...
ManageONTAP::SetVserverForTunneling() - Using SVM[vol] for tunneling

It appears to be searching for vserver called “vol”, which i’m not sure where this comes from, there is only one vserver on this netapp and it called SVM0.

Anyone run into this?




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Hi @G2T 

Thanks for reaching out, based on the error the subclient is incorrectly defined as : /vol/vmware_nfs. 

It appears the subclient is configured under the cluster instance of the netapp, while this is supported you will need to define the vserver first then the share name in you eg it is:


For additional information check the following URLs:


Please advise if this answers your query.


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Hi @Emils, this is a VM which I’m selecting from vcenter.  How can I define the vserver in this situation?


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Thanks for clarifying, have both the cluster and SVM are configured in array management?
if so, have we ensured both the cluster and SVM have been added to the array?


Please review the documentation for detailed steps:


If you are using tunnelling, please ensure the svm in array management has tunnelling selected.