VMware IntelliSnap Primary Snap backup fails

  • 2 February 2024
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Good morning!

This is Stefano, nice to meet you all! 

I have a weird issue with an IntelliSnap backup on a VMware subclient. When Snap Backup starts, if fails after 40 seconds with the error:

“91:44 Error getting datastore list for snap. Possible reason includes virtual machine spread across multiple datastores with multiple vendors.”

and also

“91:488 Unknown error [0] reported from VMInfo for [xxxxxxxxxxxx]. [Unknown VMInfo error [0]]”

I only have 1 datastore so all VMs are on it. I already raised a case with CommVault support and the only solution they provided is to reboot the ESXi host. This is a workaround, not a permanent solution. After the ESXi reboot Snap backup start working again.

Today I have again the issue, and this time I cannot restart the host so easily.. Anybody knows what is happening here?

My infrastructure is:

VMware host: HPE server with ESXi 7.0.3

Media Agent: HPE server with Windows 2022

VMware storage: PURE storage

everything is connected with fibers and connectivity is managed by 2 redundant Brocade SAN switches.

Until 2 days ago Snap Backup was working fine.. it suddenly stopped with no reason, and no changes at all in the infrastructure.


thank you!



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4 replies

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@asancheti can you please help with this?

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Hi @Stefano Villa,

This one is tough because the command we are using to retrieve the storage information from vCenter/ESXi is failing, so there is nothing we can do. In 90% of previous cases this issue is solved by rescanning the cluster, refreshing the storage adapter or rebooting the ESXi host to bring stability back to the API responses.

In one case I found a customer said they resolved it by making new subclients - which seems odd but maybe worth a try.

Another option may be to restart the ESXi management agents, which can be done without rebooting the host:


For further troubleshooting, you can also query the storage system manually using esxcli: when this issue is happening.

If this fails you have a good case to open a support ticket with VMware to check why its failing.

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Hello @Damian Andre 

I can confirm this is a VMware issue. I raised a case with them and it seems it is a bug in HBA adapter’s driver. Short term solution is restart ESXi host, long term solution is update HBA driver and disable qfle3f


thank you!

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Hi @Damian Andre 

We have also been hit by that issue after upgrading the firmware version of the storage (same vendor as op).

When you update the firmware, the ESXi had connections to the storage reset due firmware update/reboot controllers, but this is the first time we have this problem with VMware and Commvault after the firmware update.