Browsing deleted file out of Guest File Folder option of VM backup

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi Stuart,

thanks for you explanation.

Its a HyperV environment which we are backing using intellisnap.

CV version: 11.20

indexing: v1


May be you are right that its a expected behavior, but not sure how to convince customer that he can see deleted file for Endpoint users but not for HyperV full vm backup.

But, I am not getting it even if I select a date range (for ex: 20/10/21 to 28/10/21). But if a “Browse & Restore” a job completed on 25th Oct, then I am able to see the file/folder. There is something not right.

Just wanted to ensure if there is any fix or option to see deleted files from browsing.



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Hi @Anuj 

This seems like expected behaviour to me.

Browsing latest backup data where backups were performed after the file deletes, would not show the deleted files for restore - you would need to browse back to a point in time where the files existed in backup data.

We may be able to understand more if you could describe the environment, versions, the hypervisor and whether this is V1 or V2 indexing.