Decrease space threshold check for openstack

  • 19 November 2021
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Hello Experts,

I am trying to backup an instance in openstack on cinder volume. Getting below error 

Insufficient cinder quota for instance, Failed to meet minimum 10 percent available quota limit. Available: 8157 GB, Required: 30924 GB, In-Use: 301091 GB (out of 309248)


As you see, my cinder volume is 300 TB of which current free is 8 TB. Commvault is trying to check 10% free space and fails. I know in vmware we can decrease the threshold check, I am unable to find this for openstack virtualization?


I just need to backup a small instance (few GBs) hence if there is a way to reduce threshold for space check please share


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3 replies

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Hi @shailu89 , hope all is well!

I was looking for incidents with this error and I saw a case number (211119-522) created by one of your colleagues.

Is this for that same issue?

I’m asking other colleagues if they have additional thoughts and will share if I hear anything.

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Thanks @Mike Struening  Support was able to provide the key and fixed my issue. Posting here for community benefit

Apply on VSA

nMinCinderQuotaRequiredPercentage Category : VirtualServer Type : INTEGER Value : 1~10

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Thanks, @shailu89   I set the Best Answer to your helpful reply!