Failed to collect disk block information - What does that mean?

  • 13 January 2022
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I’m getting a partial failure when doing a backup operation to one of my client in vmware.


The failure reason goes as follow: 
Failed to collect disk block information.


After doing some google fu and trying to find something in commvault KB I failed short. Anyone can help me in resolving this?




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6 replies

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Hey Martin,

There is a known issue which is addressed with a ceratin hotfix in FR24 and 25.

What’s the environment version?



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Hello Alizera,


I’m on 11.25.14. Should be on the hotfix after the logj4 thing.

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Hi @MartinD ,


11.25.14 already contains the HotFix that I had in mind for “Failed to collect disk block information” issues.

Has this error occurred since applying 11.25.14? and does it always occur for the same VM disk?

-Can you confirm if this specific disk has any special configuration? i.e. RDM / Independent, etc.


Best Regards,


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It started since the first time I applied the hotfix on December 14th.

Last week I’ve updated from 11.23 to 11.25 with the hotfix and the issue is still present.

We haven’t made any configuration change in vmware since the update.

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@MartinD , if you’re already at the level that contains the expected fix, I would suggest opening a support case for a full analysis.

Can you share the case number here so I can track it accordingly?

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Sharing the solution:

Development has updated that they have discovered the issue at hand and released a diagnostic update. Please download the diag and install on the VSA proxies/MA and backup copy proxies/MA, we need to be at least on minimum version of 11.25.23 on the Proxy MAs.