NUTANIX VM Backup issue(uuid does not exist message)

  • 4 August 2022
  • 2 replies

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The following message occurred while backing up NUTANIX VM Snap:

As a result of checking the log, it was confirmed that the uuid does not exist as follows.

In this case, is it right to ask the engineer in charge of NUTANIX to check the uuid? Is there anything I need to check on Commvault?

2 replies

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It seems like you may have specifically selected VMs to backup in the content of the backup job, and the VM has since been deleted. Since we are not discovering VMs based on a criteria in this scenario, its classified as a failure if it goes missing. So you should check the content and then verify with the VM owner if the VM still exists.

It could be that the UUID did change, in that case, maybe delete the VMs in the content and re-add them again.

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The VM is tied to the UUID that it is discovered\backed up with. If you want to go by name in content, you can, but this is one of the drawbacks to doing so. Remove the machine from content, save settings, add it back and it should find the new entry as a separate machine with a new UUID.