VMwrare vRealize (ver. 8.4.1) missing VM after restore

  • 17 November 2021
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When I perform a "full virtual machine restore" in place of a vm without first deleting the vm in the vCenter, the VM is recognized correctly both in the vRealize environment and in the vCenter environment.
If, on the other hand, I delete the VM in the vCenter before proceeding with the restore in place, the VM is no longer recognized in the vRealize environment but only in the vCenter environment.
Below is a screenshot highlighting the error:


3 replies

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Hello @Gabriele Palumbo 


This is likely because the VM is being deleted before the “in place” restore, which would technically make it out of place since the VM has been deleted.

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Hi @Dan White ,

Just to make sure I tried the "restore out of place" but the result is the same.
The problem is that when Commvault performs the restore (in place or out place) the vCenter creates a new VM and therefore a new object in its DB which is not recognized by vRealize.

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Hi @Gabriele Palumbo , curious if you ever got an answer on this one.  Might be worth opening a support case to nail this down.