API to delete client

  • 20 February 2023
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I am looking into

to delete clients. It is mentioned in the document that there is setting called ‘forceDelete’ - does anybody know how to use it in the actual API call?


I’ve tried to add it in the URL itself, in the headers, in the payload. Does not work.

5 replies

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Hello @benjaminas 

It should be something like below, however I strongly recommend sticking with the retire client option instead as it has some logic in there to prevent the deletion of a client with valid jobs:

DELETE <webservice>/Client/{clientId}?forceDelete=true

and the recommended command:

DELETE <webservice>/Client/{clientId}/Retire


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Hi @Graham Swift 


DELETE <webservice>/Client/{clientId}?forceDelete=true gives out Internal Error 500… Strange that documentation does not have example of how to use that.

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Hello @benjaminas ,


Sorry for the delay, just got back to look in my lab.

It works as expected. Client was deleted from my environment. I am running 11.28.44.


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Hello @benjaminas , just checking if you managed to crack it?

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Hi @Graham Swift seems that my user that I was using was lacking permissions..interesting that this is not reflected in the error code, instead giving me the internal server error 500.