Automate daily/weekly repetitive tasks like latest backup status, rerun the failure after troubleshooting.

  • 8 April 2024
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Hi Techies,

Greetings !

Is there any possibility that we can automate daily/weekly repetitive tasks and reduced manual efforts.

Here are the few examples:

→ Latest backup status information from client or other team members on tickets.

→ Virtual Server removal tasks before decommissions request.

→ Agent uninstallation and license removal of clients after site decommission.

→ Manual retention extension tasks to retain backup till specific date.

Here I want to reduce manual efforts and time, please share some ideas to achieve this.


Thak you !


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Hi @Chaturvedi2809,


Are you familiar with our Workflow Engine?  This is a very powerful tool for automation that allows for all sorts of tasks to be automated both inside and outside of Commvault.  Here’s a quick high-level reference if you’re not familiar, and can be used as a jumping off point:


Workflow Overview (


Anything that you can do manually can also be achieved using a Workflow, which can be scheduled and automated.  Every Commcell does come with several Workflows that are pre-deployed that you can check out.  However, we do have many more that are available for download on our Software Store:!/136


If you don’t find a workflow that precisely fits your needs, we do offer documentation that gives guidance on how to build custom workflows yourself if you are interested in doing so.  We do offer services to have custom workflows built by our professionals here at Commvault, however there would be a cost associated with any custom designed Workflows.


Another useful tool for automation is REST API.  We have recently re-designed our API Reference Guide to make it much easier to find the right API’s and provide examples in several different scripting languages.  If you have any experience using REST API, I strongly recommend checking out the below website which can help get you started:


-Brian Bruno