Change/remove SQL Impersonate Users via API or PowerShell modules

  • 1 August 2023
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I try to find a way to automate the sql61props via Rest API or Powershell modules. Does anyone has experience with this? My goal is to remove the MSSQL Credentials (Impersonate Users) or replace by dummy and to disable overrideHigherLevelSettings per Client as this is now managed at Server Group.


I tried to use Get-CVClient, update $_.pseudoClientInfo.idaInfo.sql61Prop as how I want to have it and post this via Set-CVClient. The answer is that it is successful, but nothing is changed.


I also tried to update the settings directly via Submit-CVRESTRequest with the result; answer like succesful, but nothing done.


I was looking at sending an XML to send the update, but I can’t find the parameters.


Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks in advance,



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Hello Maurice , 


Thanks for posting you query here. Usually creation of Customised scripts are handled by CV personalisation team (Paid service). So I request you to reach out your account manager, They will assist you in engaging an personalisation expert to handle this. 

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Hello Maurice,


Did you check the Commvault Python SDK?

I saw this →


And potentially for other options as like this one:

NOTE: select MSSQL Instance on the dropdown on the right side.



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Hello Mike,


“Instance”…. I was not looking at this part of the API documentation.

And super tip to use the dropdown on the right side, never noticed this !! Quiet some examples where well hidden.


Thanks a lot for the info, I’m pretty sure that I will manage now :)




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@DUO-CSR -- let me know if u are still looking for any help on this, the example should help you to perform the operation you are looking for.