Commvault and Powershell scripts - how to obtain information about backup job attempts ?

  • 1 October 2021
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I had have read all CommVault documentation, made a lot of test/API requests as well, but I did not found way/module/API REST how to get information about Backup Job Attempts (only via reports)...


I found curl -X GET "https://server/webconsole/api/Events?jobId=14285647" -H "accept: application/json", but all items are regarding Events Details.


And I am still looking for any information about full backups attemps, can you advice me which PS module's part or API request is it ?





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Hi @Juraj  you could use this Report from for job with multiple attempts report.


The secret, any report table in the Commserve has an API endpoint, use this link for info on dataset APIs.

TL:DR, open a report, click the gear widget on the corner of a dataset table, select REST Api to get a link for the table.  Note: Data set API links were made available after FR20, if the Commserve is lower than that, you’ll need to build the URL via the link provided.


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Hi @Juraj and welcome !

Do you need to initiate backup jobs through command line ?

Check their status then ?

Wait for completion/failure ?

Act on them (like kill them if running too long) ?


Do you need to insert this in some Scheduler like $U or ControlM or Autosys ?

This is just to undestand what’s beyond your question, to understand what you expect.