Detect longer jobs than usual

  • 17 March 2023
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There’s some alert configuration to detect longer jobs than usual, also you can check the jobs the same condition in Job Controller (small icon would appear).

Still there’s not so easy way to detect the delay with some sort of custom criteria, like for specific client, duration which would take double or three times longer as usual, etc.


This query is intended to address some requests, listing up the difference between running jobs durations and “average” per subclient and backup level.

use commserv

set transaction isolation level read uncommitted

, as 'clientname'
,1.0 * (dbo.GetUnixTime(GETUTCDATE()) - ji.jobStartTime) / grp.avg_duration as 'exceeded'
from jmbkpjobinfo bkji
inner join JMJobInfo ji on bkji.jobid = ji.jobid
inner join APP_Application apap on = bkji.applicationId
inner join APP_Client apc on = apap.clientId
inner join (
select appId, bkpLevel, avg(duration) as avg_duration, avg(totalBackupSize) as avg_totalBackupSize, count(jobid) as count_job from JMBkpStats
where status = 1
group by appId, bkpLevel
) as grp on grp.appId = bkji.applicationId and grp.bkpLevel = bkji.bkpLevel
order by bkji.jobId desc

From here, you can see the running job(s) are taking rather longer time or not.


Hope this helps,

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