Fetching job history for the 24 hours issue

  • 3 March 2024
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I am working on a code to fetch all jobs for a spesific client group and count each job status so that I can preprare a report to display all jobs status for the last 24 hours. But “lookup_time” is not working as expected, less job fetched. Even changed the time for the lookup_time with different hours but the output is alwasy the same. I think lookup_time is not working as it should. Do you have any idea why it is not working ?


  jobs_last24hours = job.finished_jobs(client, lookup_time=24)

1 reply

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I found the issue. 


 def finished_jobs(self, client_name=None, lookup_time=24, job_filter=None, **options):


I should define **options to display more jobs.