Increasing priority of previous week jobs using qcommands/scripts

  • 25 August 2021
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Hi Team,

Is there any qcommands/scripts available to automatically raise the priority of the ndmp jobs of a filer?

We have around 470 volumes that are being backed up for a site which are mostly long running backups. The schedule kicks in on every Tuesday and Friday and our operations team has to ensure that the previous week jobs complete before the new jobs kick in. In this case, they have to manually sort the jobs from previous week and increase the priority.

Is there any way this can be automated or a workflow can be created to identify the previous weeks job for that filer and increase the priority?



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4 replies

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Why dont you just set the priority at the schedule level for NDMP group?

That will then set the priority at that job level.

You can also configure this at the client level if needed

good reading here

The lower the value, the higher the priority of the client.


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If you are still looking for a command to selectively change the priority of a backup job, you can try this below command.


qoperation execute -af setJobPriority.xml



<JobManager_PerformMultiCellJobOpReq message="1" priority="166"><processinginstructioninfo><user _type_="13" userId="1"/></processinginstructioninfo><jobOpReq operationType="4"><jobs isVisible="1" jobId="100"/></jobOpReq><assoc><entity _type_="0"/></assoc></JobManager_PerformMultiCellJobOpReq>


Set the priority and jobId values accordingly.




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You can also use “qoperation jobcontrol” to change the Job Priority.


Change priority of a job with job ID 175 to 100:

qoperation jobcontrol -j 175 -p 100 -o changepriority




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This is much simpler @MichaelCapon !