Install Windows Updates workflow -Media Agents (?)

  • 9 July 2021
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Can the “Install Windows Updates” workflow be used to “properly” install updates on CV Media Agents?  I know it *can* -- because ‘Media Agents’ are a client group that I can select in the workflow.


My question is more along the lines of “does the workflow handle Media Agents properly” -- as in stopping all the services and making sure SIDB/SIDB2 processes are stopped, putting the MA into Maintenance mode (so as to avoid alerts), etc, etc.


We’re using WSUS to push updates and are basically gonna have to write batch/powershell scripts to stop services and make sure SIDB(2) is not running…. but if the workflow can do that for us, then that would be freaking awesome :)


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if we are using SCCM for windows updates,is this workflow working?because our servers has no acces for download updates form

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The workflow will NOT do the dirty work on the media agents.

From my experience, I always patch CommServe and Media Agents at a maintenance window where I can have all things Commvault suspended. 

Properly stop all services and reboot, if you can write a PS for that, there you go, but it is not something the workflow does.

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The workflow will stop services on the machine as part of the process, and it will check for all services to be stopped. However, this service stop only happens after the the Windows Updates are run and before a required reboot. It will not, however, put the MA into maintenance mode.


To use the workflow services need to be online so the updated client and the CommServe can communicate regarding the workflow progress. As such it is not possible to use the workflow to stop services before launching the script for installing updates.


I apologize if this means you cannot use it for the Media Agents in your environment. As you said, it will “work” on Media Agents in that they will have the updates applied. And using the workflow shouldn’t cause an error with the installed software. But the procedure you have laid out is not satisfied by the workflow.