Media Agent Replacement Workflow

  • 26 August 2022
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I’m planning to use the workflow to migrate the media agent role from Windows 2012 to Windows 2019.

The maglib has 4 mount paths, 17TB in total. The mount paths are different sizes (see screenshot below). Do i need to give my new mount paths the same size storage or can i provision 4x4.5TB mount paths? Is Commvault smart enough to distribute the data evenly over the new mount paths?

I’ve used the workflow successfully already but always on servers with 1 mount path in the maglib.

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4 replies

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Hi @Fergus !

The Workflow will keep asking for connections from source to destination if there’s multiple paths.

For everyone following along, here’s the Workflow link:!/147/701/22893

If you click the link there for more info, you’ll get here:

From step 7:

  1. If the old MediaAgent has any disk mount path configured, then the Move Mount Path dialog box appears.

    1. From the Source Path list, select the path that you want to migrate.

    2. From the Destination Path Type list, select a type.

    3. In the Destination Path box, enter the path to which you want to migrate the selected source path.

    4. If you selected Network Path as the Destination Path Type, then from the Network Path Credential list, select a credential.

    5. Click Next.

      If the old MediaAgent has more than one disk mount path configured, then the Move Mount Path dialog box appears again till you configure destination path for all the source mount paths.


Let me know if this helps!

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Thanks Mike,

What about the sizes of the mount paths on the new MA, should they be exactly like the old MA?



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I would say same or bigger to be safe.  It will copy the data as per how you map the drives in the WF parameters.

Let me know if that clarifies!

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Thanks Mike, i was able to migrate the MA successfully.