Need Job ID from Workflow generated Restore Job

  • 8 March 2022
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I have create a dayly restore workflow.

For documentation I need the Restore Report.

But this Value seems not available in the Workflowengine.

can I get it?

I only recieve the JobID from the Workflow itselfe(xpath:{/workflow/system/jobId})

How do I get the jobID from the initiated Job?





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6 replies

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@EMU , the restore itself should have its own Job Id separate from the Workflow operation’s Job ID.

Are you not seeing any applicable restore job for that time range?

How exactly do you want to receive the Job ID

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@Mike Struening 

This is what I am asking for.

How can I get this job ID in the workflow?

It is a dayly restore, so everday a new Job ID.

It seems, there is always a difference of one, between JobID from Workflow an generated restore.

But this is not a real good option to add one to the jobID.

Best is i can recieve this JobID as a variable, which I can add to the Workflows Output.


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Ok, perfect!

The Restore operation should have an Output of the Job ID (which will have different syntax/naming than the Workflow ID).  You can then use that output as an input in an email, or whatever method you want to receive the Job details.

I do recall when Workflows were brand new and having run into that confusion OFTEN where I had to ascertain each varying Job Id within the confines of the whole workflow.

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Hi @EMU , you can look at the Demo_FileSystemBackupRestore workflow for ideas. this demo workflow starts a backup job, waits for it to finish and then starts a restore job and waits for that to finish.

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I got it solved.

I configured a report based on the last restores of my client last 24h. 

Created a skript on this report and added to my output workflow.

This is doing what I need.

Thanks @Mike Struening  and @Amey Karandikar  for input.



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Glad to hear it!