Running commvault APIs from a jump server instead of commvault server

  • 8 April 2024
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Hi Team,


I have written a script that would delete the decommissioned VMs from the commvault. I have 2 questions.

  1. As of now my script takes the client id manually to delete the VM. I would want Commvault to detect the decommissioned VM and delete it. Please guide me on how can I add auto detect of decommissioned VMs on my script. 
  2. I have to integrate Morpheus API and Commvault API and execute the script from the Jump server from where Morpheus is accessible. As of now, Commvault APIs are running only from Commvault server. How to do this ?

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Hi @RandomCustomer ,

For your 2nd question “How to run the CV RestAPI from a jumpbox”. You may point the RestAPI to one of the available WebServices, either the WebServer or the WebConsole depending where your jumpbox is located.