Script to do bulk VM restores

  • 15 February 2022
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I am looking at restoring multiple servers at one time (20+). I wanted to see if anyone has accomplished something similar with scripts.


Best answer by Sheri Balzarano 16 February 2022, 20:19

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4 replies

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@ShaneHicks , what method would you prefer to perform this?  You can go to do the restore in the GUI, but click save as script.  Now you’ll have the required files you can run via an execure xml command:

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The issue that I have is simplification. I do have the XML and bat file but the command line would be long with all the field name changes is what I assuming.

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You can generate a Command Line script from the Commcell Console that you can use to run the restore(s) from command line:


To run the restore after you have the CLI script saved/ generated:


And the parameter details are available below:


This could be further nested into a user created batch script to parse though a list of arguments for the commands to further automate it if preferred but there is no CV script that will batch multiple VM restores as each restore will require its own arguments.

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This is exactly what I was needing. Thank you everyone!