VSA V2 job details SQL query

  • 3 March 2021
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Hi there!

I am trying to build a SQL query to get a list of ‘VM Job ID’, ‘VM Name’ and ‘Status’ based on subclient Job ID (VMware VSA V2).


Any idea how to accomplish that? Which tables should be used to link subclient Job ID with VM Job IDs?

Any help would be appreciated.



Best answer by Stuart Painter 4 March 2021, 08:31

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3 replies

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My understanding is that the way to go here is with the Reports building your own DataSet.

Once you start poking around you will see there you can navigate through the tables and views within the CommServe Database and explore what can be extracted from the VM table, Job History etc.

Take a look at Creating Data Cube Data Sets and on how to associated a report Input in a DataSe


So with that you will have to do a little bit of digging to figure out if you can extract that from the parent job which in your case is 143350, of if that info can be extracted from the VM table. 

That is where I`d start. There is probably other ways too. Lets see what other peoples experiences are.



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Hi @euMike 

As @dude mentions, creating a dataset and using reports will allow you present this data in report form, I’ll add another in here with a different approach which provides raw data as SQL query results.

We have Commcell Views, which are pre-constructed SQL queries allowing you to pull specific details directly from the Commserve Database without needing to piece together the tables and necessary joins.

CommCellVMBackupInfo should give you all the details you’re looking for:




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CommCellVMBackupInfo view has all information I needed. Thank you both for you answers!